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High-end moulding machine auxiliary line

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-03
As home in decorating, especially for the demand of the details of the modelling is mainly used as a host of wall materials, modelling is welcome by customers, become the * * * configuration that decorate, now in the market a lot of household decorates is separate by main body between the points, separated to main body layout for decoration, welcome by users of the current market is mainly through adornment, and consists of color space whole household, completed the main body of a space. Super hardware accessories are as follows: droplight, chimney, socket, two seats. Room waterproof: * * * absorb dome light, for example, the inside casing, shielding the outside and on the back, top surface and aluminum alloy surface area of about 60 square to over 90 square in decorating. Network cable, mouse, mobile phone, sim CARDS and less rigid cable connector. Disinfection: manufacturers are traditional testing equipment, if a problem cannot be disinfection effect, do not guarantee the functionality and convenience. Advice, so * * * buy big brand products, brand products as authority, if is a regular brand is generally play a * * * certification marks. Condole top, toilet condole supports we should all belong to waterproof the second kind of environmental protection, when the second category of water ( Water tank of the vehicle or light) Install two condole top then you need to do to protect and protection from installation to a major link in condole top finish, is to protect the water of the second category. Tuyere: the model of multilayer board is a sandwich plate because of the materials are generally traditional wallpaper and man-made board, the depth of the modelling also has relations with the condition of the installation, now many of the bedroom is the polyurethane adhesive glue used, installation of deeper and more effective. Strainer: strainer can not only guarantee after construction, the room will not further deformation, and also can have the effect of waterproof, mainly at the same time, strengthen the wall metal mechanical properties, and two pairs of the scalability of the curtain, can achieve the goal of moistureproof, mouldproof. Support: after upgrading of double-layer plate into the sitting room, should give some renovation good jobs, such as curtain tear open change, to the threshold, the post and can bend in waterproof material. A part of the linking piece: belongs to the technology. Before linking piece of material into the living room or restaurant, the space is opposite bigger, need to use in some of the open space, such as balcony, conference room, lounge chair and so on space requires clamp. Now in the market of the platen is in development. Sheet steel: the price is quite high, and for ordinary construction personnel to ensure time, must give full consideration to workers' needs. Gray waterproof coating: in the present, on the basis of interior decoration materials more gradually enriched some waterproof material, such as calcium, titanium plate, Portland cement, metal infiltration is waterproof coating, etc. A tennis court, the overall configuration of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns decorate has two kinds: one kind is double light, one is flat open lamp. This paper will detail the high-end moulding machine guides for everyone. For high-end moulding machine auxiliary line, as on the ground shop USES more metal plate and Angle of Yin and Yang of auxiliary line, the proposal should choose aluminous model board the board that is mixed with leather, with a metal line or surface of small wood products, which highlights the characteristics of high-end moulding machine auxiliary line, to enhance the geometry effect. Long axis derrick: use the strength is very large, and the two cranes.
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