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Heng, companies in the United States to visit factory - no

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-07
On April 21, the huntsman Liu Yinsheng consultants Kerry, ministry of foreign trade manager of the company, the ningbo factory zhang jz came without a factory visit. Heng, companies in the United States was founded in 1947, is located in the United States in Dallas, Texas. Is specialized is engaged in the production, research and development of engineering machinery with the professional enterprise of wear parts, such as bucket, bucket, crusher wear-resistant equipment, in 2000 by the Japanese komatsu group, in ningbo, China has in the production of relieving precision foundry factory. Due to the foundry enterprises to reduce, heng, plans to grab his lips casting outsourcing production to China. Grab his lips for alloy steel castings, casting production is difficult, our company has rich experience in production, long-term production of this kind of castings for American clients. Since December 2015, we keep good communication of the heng, Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter, the Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter, was invited to visit to our casting production equipment, technical level, test conditions, made a detailed investigation, that cooperation between the two sides have good condition, hope the two sides to strengthen communication, ready to work, to lay a solid foundation for future cooperation. Foundry shing industry and development minister Xiong Qi reception with the customer, about the casting technology, sand requirements, mold, melting furnace, heat treatment, casting welding repair of the exchange, for our production levels, customer recognition, hope that the two sides in the near future, able to reach cooperation, achieve win-win! No product variety, with strong market competitiveness, have any requirements, please advice without making factory! Hotline: 0510 80297069
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