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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-25
Gravity casting rotated casting machine is in the earth's gravity will liquid metal forming, and then produce the castings. Areas such as communications equipment parts, auto parts, tableware products can rely on gravity casting rotated casting machine to produce, we can see in your life. You know how gravity casting rotated casting machine in the production of castings? To tell you. Before making products, bo Joe will first according to the customer to provide products or drawings to produce customized to meet the requirements of customers of gravity casting mould, bo Joe's gravity casting mould are generally use H13 steel and 45 steel or nodular cast iron to produce, usually adopts CNC milling machine to carve molding, customer needs, of course, also can use other material. Will make good in gravity casting gravity casting machine were rotated the work station of casting machine, will melt good high temperature metal liquid injected into the hollow mold. Gravity casting rotated casting machine, he can get a rough casting products embryo, polished surface treatment technologies, such as coarse embryos products become smooth and beautiful, we need the casting products will be finished production.
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