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Gravity casting mould, recasting the mold - shenzhen Casting mould manufacturer

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-10
Gravity casting mould is suitable for mass production, because it is expensive, a mold cost tens of thousands, or even more than ten is possible, so if the small batch production, the cost would be too expensive. Because the cost is too expensive, foundries in choosing a mould will choose more die casting mold time! Bo Joe gravity casting mold casting mold times between 20000 and 80000, with the material has 3 kinds: ductile iron, H13 steel and 45 steel. Bo Joe gravity casting mould not only selects high quality material, and attaches great importance to the design. Mold production casting quality by design, but Joe has 14 years of experience. Because these two reasons, the mould casting times to reach so amazing number! Bo Joe gravity casting mould not only of good quality, and service also didn't have to say. Joe mold designers 7 to 1 service, 2 hour given solution, 25 35 days of delivery. Related news: gravity casting mold to avoid vulnerabilities determine the quality of the products
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