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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-10
Gravity casting mould produce the product is gradually replace sand mold casting mould of products, that is to say, gravity casting processes are sand casting process. This is decided by they produce the quality of the products. For globalization is more and more clear in today's society, competition is becoming more and more big, only has the high quality product manufacturers can survive! Produce the gravity casting moulds just meets the needs of product quality. Because the market globalization, so manufacturers are in the pursuit of quality, especially after the financial crisis in 2008, the business is become more and more difficult. So, gravity casting mould is how to improve the quality? Is the title of 'weak point', to avoid the weaknesses of the product is can make better quality. Because of gravity casting mould in general design is the same, the quality of decision is often a small detail, it is important to master the weak point, namely to grasp the quality! For with a strong designer team, Joe gravity casting mold, avoid and strengthen the weak spot of the mould is easy, because the team has accumulated too many variety of product design experience, clearly know each product at design time, should how to do to put the quality well. Chose the bo Joe, also is equivalent to choose the quality!
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