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Gravity casting mould of mold production for the customer

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-08
Release date: 2020 06 - 19 clicks: 32, Joe is very strict about the quality of the gravity casting moulds, because gravity casting mould price is quite expensive, if customer order products haven't finished, the mold is discarded, so need to redo the gravity casting mould again, increase the cost, including saving time and money. So, Joe has very strict requirements for the casting life. According to the above situation, Joe production gravity casting mould strict material selection, design and production, so, Joe's gravity die casting mould life expectancy reached 20000 to 80000 times each, that is to say, can meet the demand of customer orders, rather than expensive again and again to do the same mould, save the cost. Bo Joe gravity casting mould of long life is very important because of select material quality is very good. Selection materials have several like bo Joe: ductile iron, H13 steel, etc. Die a lot of gravity casting mould can really for the customer the escort the goods time and the stability of product quality.
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