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Gravity casting mould: morey you let rocket mount the ray

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-09
Bo Joe gravity casting mould message: NBA team the rockets general manager in 5 days after the wrong hong kong-related comments, the Chinese people are consciously launched against the rockets and morey's action. Leading media had issued a statement urging NBN morey and the rockets processing, before dealing with morey, suspended and all the rockets first cooperation; Each big sponsors also follow up, no longer sponsored by the rockets. Bo Joe gravity casting mould is an enterprise of manufacturing in China, we are all Chinese, we understand that our anger, morey and the rockets can't eat in China, turned to scold us, divide us. Come out until 7, morey, issued a statement, but from the point of view it's statement, no sincere apology. So far, the Chinese people will resolutely resist the rockets. Bo Joe learned: gravity casting machine nets's new boss, Mr. Tsai has to post to the western people popularize why Chinese people so alert to split our words and deeds. Yes, nearly 100 years, China's history is the history of pain, can we go now, is countless Chinese people pay the cost of life, so we cherish the hard-won happy life, want to divide us, we will resolutely resist!
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