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Gravity casting mould is more expensive why are popular?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-09
Gravity casting mould cost relatively casting mould is a product more expensive, so why do manufacturers are willing to use gravity casting process? This is because gravity casting products quality is better than aluminum casting mould. So gravity casting mould is more expensive but still a manufacturer to select the process, but are generally produce in large quantities of products. Gravity casting mold production products has a good mechanical performance, mechanical performance refers to its abrasion resistance, tensile, resilient, hardness, etc. So if the manufacturer of the product is very strict with mechanical properties, and mass production, then it is a good option. Once mass production is casting, gravity casting mould cost will be spread to every casting, thus, its cost is very low, the factory still have money, so the gravity casting mould is still very popular.
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