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Gravity casting mould, gravity die - dongguan The mould factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-11
Gravity casting mould casting riser is one of the important parts, then where is the important embodiment of it? Many novice or amateur may not understand, so small make up will explain to you today! To understand the gravity casting mould casting riser, have to understand that the casting gravity casting machine equipment. Because gravity casting mold production castings is to use gravity casting machine. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine has a feature is 0 90 degrees turn control of the aluminum liquid flow in the mold. So the mold poured riser is used with this function, with this function, the mould casting riser can supplement liquid aluminum alloy in the mould at any time. So, gravity casting mould poured riser is bare of fill a vacancy, the missing one part of the liquid in the mould, then poured riser can go to repair, which one part is much, then the excess liquid can flow water in his mouth. Bo Joe gravity casting mould with gravity casting machine to support mold proofing, so the quality of the mould can be reassuring.
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