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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-03
Solid solution heat treatment, as the name implies, is the gravity casting die for aluminum alloy liquid solidification, processing temperature and grasp. Then the solution heat treatment for casting production has what effect? Small make up today, and everyone together to explore the solid solution heat this problem. Just said the solution heat treatment means, one is effect of gravity casting die for aluminum alloy liquid solidification forming. Aluminum alloy liquid solidification speed controllable in gravity casting mould, had a great influence on casting. Such as the original production of the castings solidification time only need 2 minutes, but the actual production for 3 minutes, it's to be expected that the quality of the casting is definitely not a good state, and the production efficiency is also decreased. And gravity casting mold temperature control is also very important. In various parts of the mould is not the same as the degree of thickness of liquid aluminum may, if you can't control the liquid aluminum alloy in the same temperature, then produce casting quality is not stable and can not meet the desired effect. Bo Joe solution heat treatment of gravity casting mould with 14 years of experience, and gravity casting process engineer has 20 years of experience, mature solution heat treatment experience, the casting quality and stability, is one of the gravity casting process factory of dongguan quality!
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