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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-22
In order to save some cost, casting manufacturer in the use of mass casting, gravity casting machine production will be adopted more gravity casting mould, because more of the same set of mould casting products. Because the gravity casting mould unit price is higher, so is usually used when mass production, so how to choose the gravity casting mold mold time? Bo Joe's gravity casting mold casting mold of The Times in 20000 times to 80000 times between, and specific gravity casting mold mold time depends on the mould material, bo Joe there are three kinds of the materials used, ductile iron, H15 steel and 45 steel. Joe's gravity casting mold used in raw materials, elaborate design and engineer makes Joe mould casting a lot. 15 years experience in casting, Joe's gravity casting mould have many advantages, such as long service life, high efficiency, accurate appearance dimension precision, etc. Whether what kind of gravity casting products, it USES the mould quality is better, so that to produce the quality of the products will be good. If you are looking for gravity casting mould, welcome to contact Joe consulting.
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