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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-22
Gravity casting mold are common in the market, gravity casting mould design degrees of freedom is high, the mechanical properties, solid solution, the production efficiency and the dimensional accuracy of castings are better than the traditional, gravity casting mould determines its various performance and special products, price of gravity casting mould is usually higher. But many factors affecting the mould price is not clear, let Joe to tell you about. For production of gravity casting mold, the design work is very important, when the design in addition to according to the requirements of customers design, but also to a lot of ways, such as mold gate, riser, mould vulnerabilities, the size of the mold, mechanical performance, every detail of mould design is very important, the design takes time, effort, and spend more. Gravity casting mould material is mild steel, steel prices will be more expensive than ordinary metal, the mass of the steel produced by the mould weight is also different, need good quality steel production of gravity casting mould price will be higher, so the price of steel will also affect the price of gravity casting mould.
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