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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-11
Release date: 2019 09 - 20 clicks: 157 if you ask: why is suitable for mass production of gravity casting mould, then can I answer you because of its cost is higher, if it is small batch production of castings, it may even cost is close not to come back. Mass production, the mould cost allocation to each casting, so the cost of the mould could be a few dollars, or even a few cents. Since gravity casting mould is suitable for mass production, then its casting life must be tested. If die casting life is only a few thousand times, and need to produce castings has tens of thousands of, then the gravity casting mould is not suitable for production of the castings. Because cast over the upper limit of mold to produce the effect of the casting quality may not want to, just need to update the mold, so that cost is increased, but also affect the progress. Joe casting mold on quality of mold material, can choose based on what the casting and the corresponding raw material. Combined with Joe 14 years of experience in technology and reserves, gravity casting mould casting reached 20000 - life 80000 times, so there is no problem of mass production. Related news: what's the use of gravity casting mould casting riser?
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