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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-06
On the choice of gravity casting machine, you can choose good equipment, because we all know the stand or fall of equipment will affect the quality of the product, good equipment to produce the product quality will be better. You may know, the design of the mould will have an impact on product, but do you know? Actually the quality of the gravity casting moulds to produce the quality of the products will have an impact. For gravity casting, heating metal liquid are directly by pouring in to the gravity casting mould, to produce the shape of the casting products are formed directly by the mould, so the accuracy of the mold and durability are obviously influence on the quality of products. Such as high accuracy gravity casting mold to produce the accuracy of the casting products will be high, the quality of castings will be high. Even if the same casting products, may be used in casting process is different, need die casting products may be different, too. But what is undeniable is that whether what kind of gravity casting products, it USES the gravity casting mould quality is better, this produces product quality is good.
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