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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-12
Because the gravity casting moulds to produce good quality gradually, so the increase in the market share. So what gravity casting mould casting equipment to produce? Small make up today with all of you to introduce and the mould of form a complete set of production machinery and equipment! Gravity casting mould of form a complete set of production equipment is called gravity casting machine, it works under the action of gravity, enables the aluminum alloy liquid to rapid solidification molding. Traditional gravity casting machine is cannot reverse, so may not suitable for all products, but Joe's gravity casting machine can turn 90 degrees tilt, it has the advantage of making the liquid to flow in the mold to fill a vacancy. Joe is a manufacturer specializing in casting process equipment, as it did on the gravity casting mould, gravity casting machine. Our advantage is to know the overall process of the casting process, can do it according to the mold equipment, can also according to the equipment to do die, still can make a mould according to the product and equipment, strong pertinence. Related news: 'Joe the performance characteristics of gravity casting mould and service is what?
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