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Gravity casting mould design, recasting the mould quality - The mould factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-05
Gravity casting mold production casting product quality is far from than the sand casting process, so the gravity casting die is recognised by the market. Bo Joe will often meet with the sand casting process instead of gravity casting process of customers, clients often ask, affect the quality of the gravity casting mould is important points? Encounter this problem, our answer is always consistent, that is design. Why design is the important point of gravity casting mould? In the design of gravity casting mould, we tend to find vulnerabilities of products, and the weak spot will affect the quality of the mould. In fact is almost in overall design, the key factor affecting the quality of mold or details, also is the weak spot. Bo Joe gravity casting mold factory is to look for casting weakness in athletes. Our engineering designers have rich design experience, design all kinds of castings, can clear know what is the weak spot of castings, avoid in the design, and make up the points, make it better. Related news: what is the cause of the gravity casting moulds are open market?
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