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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-05
Mold types have a lot of a lot of kinds, gravity casting mold is one of them, so what is the distinguishing feature of gravity casting mould? Why is it so popular? This article will give you answers to such questions about the gravity casting moulds! Gravity casting mould is to use the gravity casting machine in under the action of gravity casting production, its cost is relatively high, so generally only under the condition of the production of large quantities of castings in this process. Because if the mass production of China, so the mould cost allocation to each casting, the cost was reduced. Gravity casting mold to produce castings and mechanical performance is better. Mechanical performance refers to what? Refers to the drawing, wear-resisting performance is beyond the other die casting production. And gravity casting mould is when the design determines the quality, design reasonable, according to the characteristics and needs of the casting to design, so its quality is no problem! First stop here today, some knowledge about gravity casting mould, small make up will be serialized on website, please attention!
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