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Gravity casting mould, casting casting mould - The mould factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-11
Gravity casting mould and casting casting mold what is the difference? Joe's mould has two, one is gravity casting mold, the other is a foundry casting mold. What is the difference between these two moulds? Below small make up to you to introduce the difference between two kinds of moulds. Gravity casting mould it has better mechanical properties, and it can achieve the life of a staggering 20000 to 80000 times, meaning can be cast between 20000 and 80000 castings, for this reason, so is suitable for large castings. Just say to the mechanical properties of gravity casting mould is better, such as tensile, compressive, etc. , so the casting requirement is higher and mass production can choose in the gravity casting moulds. Foundry casting mould it is more suitable for mass production, but it is because of the relatively low costs a lot, so small batch is also acceptable. And it is one of the more common processes. Because there is no such a high mechanical performance requirements, so the quality of the casting foundry casting mould can choose not so high. Say so many, you understand the difference between two moulds? In fact, the difference between these two molds still has a lot of, first introduced to here today.
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