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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-22
We know that the gravity casting mold can cause certain influence to the product, so in the design of gravity casting mould will pay attention to these places, since chose the process to make the casting gravity casting products, and the price of the gravity casting moulds itself is expensive, at design time to double check what aspects of the mold? In the design of the mould, the thickness of the mould to note that because the thickness is often affect heat capacity of gravity casting mould. Thickness will not only affect the service life of the mold, can also affect the mould temperature control ability, can't in order to reduce the mold cost and saving materials about the effective thickness of the lower mold. The thickness of the mould is too low, also can cause casting quality problems, such as casting easy deformation, casting dimension accuracy is low, serious word can also cause the casting scrap. Also should pay attention to when design mold mold cooling system and air system's capacity. For the good cooling system, can improve the production of casting temperature and casting speed of cooling, a certain amount of improve the production efficiency of gravity casting machine, pull out gas system well, still can arise through the vent to reduce casting porosity defect may, to prevent cracking and shrinkage in casting products.
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