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Gravity casting mold how to keep the temperature of the liquid aluminum

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-06
If your product need to use gravity casting mold, so in the choice of gravity casting machine must pay attention to when it have the reverse function. Maintain the stability of product quality, improve production efficiency, is each manufacturer needs to attach importance to the problem, as long as have this feature, there is no problem. Then the gravity casting mould is how to turn on to keep the temperature of the liquid aluminum? As everybody knows, gravity casting mold production products is to use gravity casting machine for processing, is simply: the melting metal in liquid pouring into a mold, gravity casting machine by gravity causes the liquid solidification molding. So, the question comes, how to keep it liquid metal temperature of mould? The answer is very simple, maintain liquidity of liquid metal. So how do you keep the liquids in the gravity casting mould of liquidity? It will use a function of gravity casting machine, that is inclination flip function. This inclination flip feature, on the premise of the fixed mold, can keep the liquid liquid, so that it can maintain its temperature.
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