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Gravity casting mold equipped with cylinder is for the sake of what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-06
There are all kinds of gravity casting mould, use is very wide also, each kind of gravity casting mould need according to the purpose and characteristics of products and the demand to do the custom. Such as bo Joe recently to the customer design production of mould is with oil cylinder, so why do some mould need with oil cylinder? Gravity casting mould products in some large heavy, at the time of using gravity casting machine for production, die casting machine is to balance to improve efficiency. Gravity casting mould is equipped with a cylinder, the core pulling, and take a while to easily and quickly, thus improve the production efficiency, save worker strength. So what is the role of the cylinder? Gravity casting mould with oil cylinder, so can help when I was in the process of gravity casting machine, when can make the process of uniform and stable movement, it is of great help to production of large castings.
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