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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-05
As everybody knows, gravity casting mould is used as a mold, are common in the market, usually used for the manufacture of casting gravity casting products, price of gravity casting mould is usually higher. Do you know why high gravity casting mould price? The factors affect the price of gravity casting mould have? The main factors affecting the gravity casting mould price is to design and manufacture process, the mould design and production process determines the various characteristics of gravity casting mould, the design is also one of the important part in the mold production, reasonable design of mould according to the different requirements of customers for products, pay attention to product material, size precision, wall thickness, etc, to design the mould drawings. Gravity casting mould is usually adopted when producing steel, steel prices will be more expensive than ordinary metal, produced by different raw materials such as the quality of the mould weight is also different, need good quality steel production of gravity casting mould price will be higher, so the price of steel will affect the price of gravity casting mould.
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