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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-08
When using gravity casting machine production catch up, sometimes, something unexpected happens, happened to the production of casting deformation is one of the situation. Although some deformation of the casting can be corrected, but still need to be avoided, so as not to increase the cost of production. Want to avoid have to know the cause of, first let bo Joe give you tell me about the cause of the deformation of the casting. Actually casting deformation is the result of the gravity casting stress of castings produced in the process of cooling of casting stress such as more than alloy under the temperature of the yield strength, are produced by residual deformation; If more than tensile strength, crack is formed; Such as within the scope of the elastic strength, is characterized by residual stress, may change the design strength, even make castings in storage or in use process of shape or craze. In simple terms, is the gravity casting machine production gave the casting could not withstand the force, it makes the casting can't bear so deformation. But like iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and the ball even part of grey iron castings produced deformation, can be to correct by using the method of mechanical, a correction in the process of heating or heat treatment. In production, will try to make the casting structure is reasonable, the production by reverse deformation when the gravity casting moulds can control the generation of casting stress and appropriately so that you can try to avoid the deformation of the casting.
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