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Gravity casting machine, the tilting type aluminum alloy gravity casting machine - Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-12
The principle of gravity casting machine is easy to understand, is to rely on gravity makes metal forming to produce castings. Is simple, actually is not simple, before casting products need to have a lot of steps, regardless of the choice of gravity casting machine, or production or product casting gravity casting machine is not easy, let Joe to introduce to you. On the choice of gravity casting machine, according to the characteristics and size of products need to choose, such as like bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine is very popular with the customers. On the gravity casting mould making, also according to the product or drawings provided by customers and customize the high-temperature mold, but also choose the mould steel raw materials, the mold is usually adopts CNC milling machine to engraving molding. In choosing a good gravity casting machine, after production of gravity casting mold, the mold placed on the gravity casting machine, the metal liquid injection mould, start the gravity casting machine, in order to make the casting products coarse embryos, polished after surface treatment, such as coarse embryos products become smooth and beautiful, at this time, we need to casting production is completed.
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