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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-17
Want to gravity casting machine casting to produce better product performance, when you need to ensure production meet the related casting condition do you know how gravity casting machine production requirements to more appropriate? If the production request reasonable words can achieve what kind of effect? Joe to tell you the truth. In the solidification of casting products, the hydrogen content inside to be reasonable, not if the content is more than the solubility, there was a bubble might lead to the casting solidification. In order to ensure that at the time of production can run smoothly, the choice of gravity casting mould is also very important. When the choice to look for the mould process parameters, process parameters and die design will directly affect the whole product production effect. Because the strength of aluminum alloy gravity casting products casting out the intensity of the performance is better than other methods, so under the same size, aluminum alloy production of castings will be some lighter, which is one of the aluminum alloy gravity casting popular. But producers in casting production is completed, also should pay attention to the production and use of castings is in accordance with the relevant standards, whether there is a defect.
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