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Gravity casting machine, the parts problem solving method, casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-27
You will have this happen? Machinery and equipment maintenance delayed time limit for a project? Customers rush delivery? Workers cost high? Actually most mechanical equipment maintenance are because of wear parts need to be replaced, as long as in usual pay attention when using gravity casting machine, the following several aspects can effectively reduce the abrasion of parts. General machinery parts will increase with the increase of load and wear and tear, gravity casting machine, too, be careful not to let work parts of high load. Accelerate corrode parts of work would make mechanical wear, increase the mechanical failure, to take reasonable construction schedule, minimize the dangers of chemical etching of gravity casting machine parts. Mechanical impurities will affect the working surface of gravity casting machine, makes the machine increases the friction, oil consumption, and will destroy the lubricating oil film, abrasion surface of workbench. Like to clear in time clean mechanical impurity, reduce the influence of mechanical impurities. Temperature of the reasonable parts does not affect the strength of the parts, pay attention to cooperate with the temperature of the coolant and oil control parts. These a few respects are noticed, can effectively reduce the abrasion of parts.
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