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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-24
As we know, casting.html' target='_blank'>aluminum alloy casting process is roughly divided into gravity casting and pressure casting, gravity casting machine and pressure casting machine is the way of the two different casting processes, their production of the internal shape of the casting is different, produce the casting characteristics is different also, do you know what is the difference between their production of casting concrete? Let Joe to tell you the truth. Gravity casting machine to produce less porosity, casting products for heat treatment, the extension of product rate is high, the cost of the mould was lower than those of die-casting, mould service life is long. Pressure casting machine in the production of casting products are of good surface finish product has high air tightness, cannot undertake heat treatment, casting strength and surface hardness, but low elongation, mould cost is high, short service life of the specific gravity force casting mould, can produce thin-walled, but small machining allowance. Actually gravity casting machine in the production of castings and pressure difference of the foundry production of castings, at the time of product selection process, usually to choose according to the product's wall thickness, when the product wall thickness more than 4 mm is gravity casting machine can be selected for the production, product wall thickness thicker die casting can cause a lot of stomata. Bo Joe focus research and development of gravity casting machine customization 14 years, welcome to customer contact, Joe.
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