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Gravity casting machine operation what to notice?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-15
Although gravity casting machine has been biased towards automation operation, but in gravity casting machine production, still need to find professionals to be responsible for operation. Because of professional staff to equipment operation method is more understanding, also can improve the work efficiency of gravity casting machine production. By gravity casting machine can complete many processing, such as can do metal casting operation, also can complete the investment casting process, which can be achieved through gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine now has a very wide range of application scope. Staff need to periodically for gravity casting machine maintenance and maintenance, want to be in before you start the gravity casting machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure no problems before they can start using production. Staff in the course of processing, can not use hand to clean up the material, in both the material processing and for other devices in the process of debugging, all want to wear good protective device to operate. Say so many gravity casting machine operation, everyone to take action, take care their own gravity casting machine!
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