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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-02
Gravity casting machine adopts the principle of gravity casting production, because it has high productivity, labor environment clean, the casting surface is bright and clean, and the advantages of internal organization density and is widely used. In recent years, gravity casting machine in the production of casting technology is also from manufacturing industry casting to aviation, aerospace, mechanical and electrical instrumentation and other industries. Let bo Jo told you gravity casting machine production have what kind of process characteristics. Because gravity casting machine adopts metal mold gravity casting mold production casting, metal mold, thermal conductivity and good casting susceptible to cold insulation, casting, casting defects such as porosity, so need to preheat before casting, also pay attention to the heat in the process of work, so as to avoid the mold temperature is too high. Before the production need in the mold surface spray coating, protect it from liquid metal erosion and hot blow directly, also can make use of different thickness of coating layer adjust the cooling speed of casting parts. Upon the completion of the casting, also notice in a timely manner, because the casting in metal mould for the longer, the greater the shrinkage, not only increase the internal stress, crack tendency, also increased the difficulty of casting out, so after pouring in guarantee under the premise of casting high temperature strength enough, to open type to take as soon as possible. In general, small open casting type to take time for 10 ~ 60 s after casting.
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