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Gravity casting machine is how to produce castings

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-13
Release date: 2020 06 - 09 clicks: 49 gravity casting machine is a production of mechanical products equipment, its use is widely available in the communication station, furniture parts, automobile industry, valve, pipe and so on. Its application range is too wide, can't list one by one. It to produce castings have any requirements? Gravity casting machine is through the mold to production and processing. Die usually use 3 kinds of material: nodular cast iron #, 45 # steel and H13 steel of the three. Usually can through the test mode, that is, in the production of a casting sample to determine its quality, qualified only for mass production. This is gravity casting machine in the process of production is a more important link, the bo Joe gravity casting machine is tilting, the range is 0 to 90 degrees, can open at any time, terminate in this scope. Injection of aluminum alloy gravity casting machine is through the mold force, under the action of gravity to shape. So usually according to the material, we also can saying is aluminum alloy gravity casting machine.
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