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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-26
In order to guarantee the quality of the gravity casting castings produced stable, Joe gravity casting machine in daily production process, production process generally stay in gravity casting mold temperature constant. So for each casting casting production, they will wait the temperature of the mold cooling temperature regulation and casting. Because natural cooling need a longer time, usually adopts the forced cooling. There are three kinds of cooling method of gravity casting mold, air cooling, indirect water cooling and water cooling directly. Air is the cooling, strengthen the convection to the cooling effect, the advantage of this method is simple in structure, easy to make, but the effect is not good enough. Indirect water cooling is to point to in the back of the mold or local place water for cooling, but some castings cannot use intense cooling, otherwise easy to increase the casting defects. There is a direct water cooling, is directly in the water jacket water for cooling, the shortcomings of this method is high cost, is only applicable to mass production. If you want to production of casting wall thickness disparity, bo Joe when using gravity casting machine casting production, also in the mold part of the heating, another part of the cooling method to adjust the temperature of the mold.
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