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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-03
Gravity casting machine is often used to make casting products needed in various fields, but do you know? Gravity casting machine is not can be used to direct production casting products, but by gravity casting mould to finish production. Heating of the metal was cast to the place in gravity casting mould gravity casting machine to complete production, rather than directly casting gravity casting machine. Gravity casting mould is according to customer need of product structure size, gravity casting mould casting and internal structure of the same size, gravity casting mould is carved molding by CNC milling machine. Place the gravity casting moulds in gravity casting machine work on the machine tool, the metal casting, under the influence of gravity, the liquid metal flow gradually to all corners of the mold, metal molding, casting blank is produced. Bo Joe used by gravity casting mould material for ductile iron commonly, three kinds of 45 # steel and H13 steel, are according to customer need of product properties, and so on to determine the material. Gravity casting mould compared with sand casting mould, have many advantages, such as long service life, high efficiency, appearance size precision and so on, so use gravity casting machine production castings are favored by many manufacturers.
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