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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-04
Casting manufacturers have probably know, gravity casting machine in the production of spray paint before need to gravity casting mould preheated. The role is to make the coating of preheating moisture to evaporate quickly, spray coating will be uniform and dense. If the preheat temperature, coating would be easy to bubble or peeling off, if the temperature is low temperature, coating can't dry quickly. But do you know? Gravity casting machine preheating temperature is divided into two kinds. As preheating temperature rise, poured into the cavity of the metal liquid and gravity casting mold temperature decreases, and reduce the cooling rate of the metal, helps to liquid metal filling, prevent casting porosity, cold shut, misrun and shrinkage cavity defects, is helpful to improve the mechanical properties of castings, help to improve the metal mold life. Note, however, gravity casting machine preheating temperature is divided into preheating temperature and casting before the spray coating preheating temperature. If preheating temperature is too high, will reduce the life of the mold, mechanical performance and reduces, as a result of the metal mold casting is continuous, casting casting gravity casting mold temperature will rise gradually, in order to keep the metal mold in the process of production to keep the stability of working temperature, also need to strengthen metal type water spray cooling; Mold temperature is too low, the filling of liquid metal is reduced, can lead to casting porosity, cold shut, misrun and shrinkage cavity defects.
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