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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-13
With the rapid development of economy, industry development, also a lot of industrial products are manufactured using casting process, casting process has many types, the rapid development of gravity casting. Many products are need gravity casting can be completed, bo Joe's gravity casting machine mainly has two kinds big, tilting type gravity casting machine and fixed gravity casting machine, tilting gravity casting machine used is more suitable for complex casting products production. Tilting type can realize rotated mold casting gravity casting machine, can effectively improve the inner quality of casting. Tilting type of mould and die of gravity casting machine action can be done in before and after. Casting process as long as it is rotated cylinder driving control, the whole machine is controlled by PLC control, the impact of the machine is controlled by electromagnetic flow control valve impact velocity. Bo Joe tilting type tilt pouring of gravity casting machine makes the product orientation of high precision, strong balance and type of high precision, which can produce all kinds of complicated castings. In the process of casting mould of exhaust gas and the liquid metal filling for rotated speed is faster, with the increase of effective improves the casting quality of the products and the qualification rate of casting.
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