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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-13
Gravity casting process in industrial production often can see now, gravity casting machine in the production of some products when large castings may produce a casting need longer time, but once in a while on a business trip to see other people's house for a gravity casting gravity casting machine casting only need two minutes, do you know why? Actually related to their chosen gravity casting machine. There is a kind of gravity casting machine called tilting type gravity casting machine, as the name implies, tilting gravity casting machine is to be able to in the process of variable speed rotated completing the process of casting gravity casting machine. Like bo Joe tilting gravity casting machine can be achieved by rotated rotated casting mould, effectively improve the quality of the casting internal. Bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine within 90 degrees can be arbitrary, whether it is a gravity casting mould starting point and end point of view, or open mold Angle, to be able to adjust, in some extent, has accelerated cooling liquid aluminum molding speed, so they can do to two minutes to produce a smaller casting and more.
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