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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-13
A lot of products in production, due to the requirements of the mechanical properties of, and belongs to the large volume of small castings, all need to use gravity casting machine. Now a lot of manufacturers of gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine model type is very much also, it's hard to judge the merits of the gravity casting machine, so, Joe will from three aspects to introduce how to choose for you. In the choice of gravity casting machine, and gravity casting factory house, first to look at the performance of gravity casting machine, general good gravity casting machine in the production of castings only need two minutes can make the product coarse embryos, bigger product is 3 - For 10 minutes. Second, now many gravity casting machine has the characteristics of the inclination flip turn because of gravity casting machine has a wide applicability, when the choice of tilting type gravity casting machine is better. The third point is in the choice of gravity casting machine if it can be to the manufacturer of the scene investigation, the manufacturer's qualification, factory, engineers, professional degree, then do the specific evaluation. Bo Joe casting machinery equipment factory is a manufacturer with 14 years of experience, can make class inclination flip the gravity casting machine, from the process to the follow-up service has a perfect process, welcome consulting, Joe.
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