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Gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine - tilting type Casting factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-12
Liquid metal gravity casting machine is based on the injection mould gravity casting under gravity and the principle of the machine. And Joe tilting gravity casting machine is in order to meet the requirements of the quality of the casting and pouring process and design of a kind of equipment. Rotated gravity casting machine can be rotated with die casting, can effectively improve the casting inherent quality. Bo Joe tilting gravity casting machine equipment in the direction before and after completion, clamping action; Artifacts out at the top of the roof material cylinder under the action of complete material actions; Under the impetus of the rotated cylinder complete rotated casting process. The machine under controlled by PLC automatic control, using the touch screen for the man-machine dialogue, screen automatically displays all kinds of working parameters and PLC automatic fault detection. According to the requirements of the process can be arbitrary adjust the Angle of the start and end Angle, mould opening Angle. Device equipped with electromagnetic flow valve buffer function refers to the gravity casting machine frame rotated to close to the mechanical limit position ( 0 degrees or 90 degrees) A certain range, by the electromagnetic valve cuts to slow the speed of the hydraulic cylinder to reduce the impact of machinery. And the range of the Angle and slow speed can be adjust in advance.
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