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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-11
Gravity casting foundry industry production casting now as an important way of casting, casting production has been applied in many industries, such as used to produce medical equipment, tableware, automobile parts, electrical accessories, etc. Although the application of gravity casting machine is becoming more and more widely, but the quality of the casting can also have a part of ascension, let Joe to tell you what method. Casting manufacturers have when using gravity casting machine production should have scientific management, also should have strict operating system during operation, in order to avoid to produce safety and stability of production. In the production of the mould to be willing to part with or use money, because of gravity casting mould quality and design for casting production such as casting has a big impact. In gravity casting machine in the process of production must pay attention to the control of production materials, smelting, such as the internal structure of the material and pouring temperature, should be in strict accordance with the parameters of the control plan. And for gravity casting machine performance to the regular inspection, to ensure the stability of the gravity casting machine, to ensure the accuracy of the production of castings, etc.
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