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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-11
Producers in catch the production schedule, sometimes some unexpected happens, gravity casting machine production of casting deformation is one of them happened. Want to solve the deformation of castings, just want to know why the casting will produce deformation, is caused by what the reason, in this way can we fundamentally to avoid the problem of deformation of the casting. Actually casting deformation is the result of the gravity casting stress of castings produced in the process of cooling of casting stress is greater than the yield strength and tensile strength, can make the casting in the store or use in the process of deformation or cracking. In simple terms, is the gravity casting machine production gave the casting could not withstand the force, it makes the casting can't bear so deformation. But manufacturers don't have to worry about, the casting deformation generally can be corrected, such as iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and the ball even part of the gray iron, can be to correct by using the method of mechanical, can be a correction in the process of heating or heat treatment. In production, try to make the casting structure is reasonable, the production by reverse deformation when the gravity casting moulds can control the generation of casting stress and appropriately when the gravity casting machine production so can avoid deformation of the casting.
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