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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-15
As today's best-selling in foundry industry machinery and equipment - — Gravity casting machine, the manufacturer on the procurement of gravity casting machine, can saying is the phone a lot of state of mind, as can produce most of the products in the field of gravity casting machine, the manufacturer is naturally want gravity casting machine production efficiency to fast, as far as possible, Joe's gravity casting machine can meet the requirements of the manufacturer. Bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine can be 0 90 - degree Angle within the scope of any adjustment of gravity casting mould starting Angle and termination Angle and open mold Angle, through the rotated mold to accelerate the liquid aluminum liquid, so as to speed up the formation of the casting products, improve the production efficiency of gravity casting machine. In the rotated under the action of gravity casting machine can achieve two minutes to produce a high efficiency of casting products. Joe as the strength of gravity casting machine manufacturer, 14 years since sticks to the philosophy of good faith treats people, service customers, the effort for the sake of customers, the research and development design production out to meet customer requirements of gravity casting machine, now covers the gravity casting machine series of one-stop services of professional design production equipment manufacturer, if necessary, welcome to inquire.
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