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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-10
Gravity casting machine is indispensable in gravity casting machine, due to the gravity casting machine big volume, weight, and overall maintenance difficulties, so manufacturers have to pay attention to their daily maintenance, reduce the possibility of mechanical equipment maintenance. Guangdong gravity casting vendors would bo Joe to tell you, gravity casting machine for the work every day. In gravity casting machine before use, to do a good job in the machine lubrication to keep parts can be normal use. Need to get the gravity casting machine cleaning, avoid caused by excessive dust gravity casting machine can't normal operation. To check the various parts of gravity casting machine, found that damage to wear serious condition change in time, avoid affecting normal production. Raw material of gravity casting machine in furnace of aluminum water also want to deal with regularly, to do well in furnace work to remove oxygen from the slag, furnace on the surface of the liquid aluminum oxide should also be removed on a regular basis. In the process of the use of gravity casting machine, every day to check gravity casting machine maintenance, not only can ensure the stability of the mechanical equipment use, also can be found in the process of maintenance machine potential hidden trouble.
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