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Gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine - ma on shan Gravity casting machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-23
Gravity casting machine in the production of casting principle clearly, is in the production of products by gravity. Thousands of kilograms of even a few tons of machine caused by gravity force is very strong, if the control is not good, the production of the product quality will be affected, but also affects the service life of mould. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine is generally through electromagnetic flow valve to control the gravity of the impact. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine in frame rotated to a fixed position, through the intervention of electromagnetic flow valve, to slow the speed of the hydraulic cylinder, by reducing the speed to reduce the impact of the machinery, thus effectively control the gravity brings to the impact of the product and mould, also will not affect the quality of the products and moulds. Bo Joe gravity casting machine there are many kinds of sizes, the mold size is adjustable, can be placed for customized Joe now large gravity casting machine mold installation size 1200 mm * 1600 mm. Bo Joe gravity casting machine workbench rotated Angle can be 0 Any were rotated 90 degrees, the speed can be regulated according to the processing needs. Bo Joe focus customization gravity casting machine for 15 years, welcome to customer contact, Joe.
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