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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-26
Big volume, heavy weight of casting-machine.html' target='_blank'>gravity casting machine, if there is a problem to maintain more troublesome, and gravity casting machine as a foundry industry often in high temperature working environment in a large mechanical equipment, so bo Jo often remind researchers should pay attention to their daily maintenance, reduce the possibility of gravity casting machine maintenance, if ignore may often gravity casting machine maintenance. In gravity casting machine before use, to do a good job in lubrication to keep rotating parts is normal, avoid affecting normal operation of gravity casting machine. Wants to do a good job of cleaning gravity casting machine, avoid caused by too much dust and normal operation of the gravity casting machine. To check the various parts of gravity casting machine, found that damage to wear serious condition change in time, to avoid affect production work. Gravity casting machine of the raw materials inside the furnace aluminum water will often processing, to do a good job of the slag deoxidization furnace, furnace on the surface of the liquid aluminum oxide should also be removed on a regular basis. In gravity casting machine, in use process pay attention to the daily maintenance management can ensure that the use of gravity casting machine stability, can discover potential hidden trouble, also can ensure the daily operation is normal gravity casting machine.
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