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Gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine - in suzhou Casting factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-08
Gravity casting machine casting products, sometimes found casting product will produce crack, a crack cannot improve by secondary processing, casting products, I can only be waste scrap to do, this will inevitably increase manufacturer production cost. Want to solve this problem, we must start with the causes of crack. Contract in casting products, by gravity casting mould and casting product structure on the block or limit, because no rolled metal, will form the shrinkage cracking and cracking. In the process of production of gravity casting machine, liquid metal solidification shrinkage, the internal shrinkage, touching the lumen of sand core, or when encountering the expansion of sand core, also can make crack casting products. When the production of metal structure with uneven also leads to uneven and crack generation. Casting gravity casting machine production when the temperature is not appropriate, lead to the casting cooling too fast will make crack casting products. In simple terms, the crack is usually liquid metal in the pressure or force of contraction.
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