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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-14
Gravity casting machine with high productivity, labor environment clean, the advantages of casting surface is bright and clean and dense internal organization, on the principle of gravity casting to produce castings, has been widely applied in many industries in the castings. But many people don't know the characteristics of the process of gravity casting machine, let bo Jo told you gravity casting machine have the characteristics of the process performance. We know that gravity casting machine is need to rely on gravity casting mold to produce castings, and gravity casting mould is made of metal materials, has good thermal conductivity, when casting more easily produce cold shut, misrun, porosity and other casting defects, so need to preheat before casting, in the process of casting also must pay attention to the heat dissipation, also notice before production in gravity casting mould surface spray coating, protect it from liquid metal erosion and hot blow directly. After finish casting, casting molding after also should pay attention to in a timely manner, because the casting in metal mould for the longer, the greater the shrinkage, casting out of the difficulty will increase, so after completion of the casting, casting performance strength stability under the premise of cavity pick-up as soon as possible. After the introduction of Joe, do you know about the process characteristics of gravity casting machine?
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