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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-09
On April 4, 10, three minutes in silence throughout the country, cars, trains, ships whistle, alarm ringing, express to fight against the new crown pneumonia outbreak sacrifice martyr and died compatriots deep condolences, under the action of bo Joe casting machinery is in his own way in the workshop held a mourning ceremony 3 minutes. Tomb-sweeping day is our country traditional festival tradition of worshiping ancestors. The qingming festival offerings this year, hope life stay in the fire in winter with fellow heroes and look at the spring again. Festivals is to miss, is to forget not, sacrifice and hero of the compatriots in the disaster, people all over the country will never forget them. Salute to the hero, to the deceased to half staff. We want to salute to retrograde of medical staff, thanks. It is because of their fearless, selfless dedication, have saved the lives of millions of Chinese nationals, lets the epidemic under control; We want to salute to community leaders and volunteers, thanks. It is because of their courage and overload work, guarantees the wuhan and hubei people's living needs, and the order of normal operation; One party hard, p plus support, this is our Chinese people proud tradition, fully reflected in the new crown pneumonia outbreak. 'A province packs a city', is the true portraiture of the national people's support of hubei. The sea cross-flow, the hero. In this outbreak, China's serious lack of medical supplies from the beginning, however, China is now in providing medical supplies to the world. Japan at the beginning of the epidemic to we contributed our medical supplies, China is now Japan is they donated 69 times return. Wuling macros, byd, guangzhou and other car companies to start producing mask, numerous enterprises to start producing medical supplies, now China can be more than 1 day. 200 million of the masks, not including disinfectant, ventilator and other medical supplies. Can be seen from a series of data, corporate entities in the outbreak was made huge contribution. Hope the new champions league after the virus outbreak, don't forget to the national people's contribution to our entity enterprise, don't forget the workers pay of hard labor. Bo Joe casting machinery is the production of gravity casting machine and shoot core machine and mold manufacturers, after the outbreak, we would like the tens of thousands of corporate entities, continue to work hard, good product, make its own contribution to China's economy. This is how spectacular and bold!
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