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Gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine - in guangdong Casting factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-10
Gravity casting machine is used in foundry industry on the principle of the earth gravity casting machine, its use is very wide, can produce a lot of fields can be used in products, we can see every day, like all the machine parts, auto parts, tableware and other products, do you know the main steps and the mechanisms of gravity casting products? Before making products, we need to make according to the product or drawings provided by customers and custom heat resisting gravity casting mould, bo Joe general gravity casting mould is done with H13 steel and 45 steel or nodular cast iron to make the gravity casting moulds. Mold is usually adopts CNC milling machine to engraving molding. Will make good gravity casting mold placed on the gravity casting machine operation, after melting metal injection mould, start the gravity casting machine, can the casting rough embryos, after grinding, coarse embryos products become smooth and beautiful, we need the casting products will be finished production.
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