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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-09
Gravity casting machine in the production of castings because of good performance, is widely used in many industries, but sometimes the casting crack, crack in the casting can't like defects to weld repairs, only when waste redo, this will increase the cost of production. Want to solve this problem, it needs to start with the causes of crack, let Joe to introduce for you. Gravity casting machine in the production of castings, may because of gravity casting mold or casting block or limit, in the structure of the product itself leads to the formation of a casting products during contraction shrinkage cracking and cracking. When casting, metal solidification shrinkage volume, run into the expansion of the lumen of sand core or sand core, can also lead to produce crack casting products. In the asymmetry of the structure of the metal casting production can result in uneven, resulting in crack, in casting gravity casting machine mold temperature is unwell, casting cooling molding too fast will make the casting crack. Want to solve the problem of gravity casting machine production of casting cracks, shall, according to the casting crack reason to solve reduce shrinkage resistance and liquid metal reaction.
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