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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-08
Gravity casting machine is in the foundry industry can be applied to the production of products in a wide range of industries of machinery and equipment, gravity casting machine itself as a more expensive machine manufacturers in the purchase, nature is thousand pick a place, want to choose a suitable for their products of gravity casting machine, bo Joe's gravity casting machine can meet the requirements of the manufacturer. Bo Joe tilting type of gravity casting machine frame can be assembled to a range of gravity casting mould, is equivalent to, within the scope of the gravity casting products, gravity casting machine, Joe can production. In addition, bo Joe's gravity casting machine also can be in 0 Turn 90 degrees, mould opening mould starting Angle and termination Angle and Angle can be arbitrarily set. Bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine can be rotated mold to accelerate the liquid aluminum liquidity, to speed up the formation of the casting products, improve the production efficiency of gravity casting machine, solve the manufacturers have to worry about gravity casting machine delivery time problem. Bo Joe's gravity casting machine also can satisfy the customer demand, customized production customer need specifications of the gravity casting machine, if necessary, welcome to inquire.
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