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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-24
Gravity casting machine, also called gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine to produce according to the principle of earth gravity casting, can be used for production in the field of many products, like all the machine parts, auto parts, tableware, etc. If you if you want to use gravity casting machine casting production, it needs to know the gravity casting machine in the production of castings production steps. Before production, we need to make according to the product or drawings provided by customers to customize the gravity casting mold production, because gravity casting machine need through the mold to produce castings. Bo Joe general gravity casting mould is done with H13 steel and 45 steel or nodular cast iron to make the gravity casting mold, mold is usually adopts CNC milling machine to sculpture forming. Will make good gravity casting mold placed on the gravity casting machine operation, will be after the molten metal liquid injection mold, under the action of gravity, make the liquid metal forming, can produce castings coarse embryos, according to customer requirements after certain post-processing, burnish of coarse embryos products such as operation, we need the casting products will be finished production.
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